San Antonio River Ingress and Egress
(Panna Maria to Goliad)

On August 25, 2001, I was traveling back from Refugio to San Antonio. I decided to check out some San Antonio River crossings to see what the possibilities might be. What I found was as follows (taking them as I found them, from south to north):

Highway 183 crossing near Goliad:

The water level was adequate to float. At the southeast corner, there was a dirt track running from the highway down under the bridge. The track would be suitable for a passenger vehicle in dry weather. Space under the bridge is limited due to a concrete drainage that cuts across the area. Access to the water itself would be possible but difficult. The banks are steep.

Highway 239 crossing near Charco.

Water level was adequate. Again, on the southeast corner, there was a dirt track running from the highway and around under the bridge. Again, access to the water would be difficult due to steep banks.

Highway 72 near Runge.

Water level adequate. There was a track running from the highway and under the bridge on the southwest corner. Not only were the banks both high and steep, but they were congested with vegetation. My view of the water was limited, but there was a small rapid (presumably Class I) immediately under the bridge. Access would be very difficult.

Highway 80 crossing near Panna Maria.

Water level adequate. I found no track from the highway going anywhere near the bridge. There was one corner where one could probably do it, but I would want a 4 X 4 to try it. These banks were the highest and steepest of all, and access from this point would be the most difficult of all the points I saw. Incidentally, there was another small rapid under this bridge.

Especially given the drought we have been experiencing, the water level was encouraging. Not much else was encouraging, however. A trip could be done, but one would have to be prepared for trouble getting in and out. One would likely need lines tied to trees to move boats, equipment, and perhaps people up and down the banks.

Ken Bennight
San Antonio, Texas