Guadalupe, below Seguin

A friend with a ranch between Seguin and Gonzalez had some extra doe permits under his game management plan and invited me to pester Bambi between Christmas and New Years. The ranch is off of US Highway 90 Alternate, which runs to the north of and more or less parallel to the Guadalupe. I took the scenic route home, checking out three crossings.

The most upstream crossing I saw was that of Highway 466. The crossing is on the outskirts of Seguin itself. As with all the crossings, the river was wide and appeared to be deep. The flow was fast; keep in mind we have had recent rains. Access to the river at this crossing is adequate for ingress or egress.

The next downstream crossing was that of Highway 1117, which is a little to the east of Seguin. Again, the river was wide, deep, and fast. River ingress and egress was also fine. I have not tried to measure the river distance, but my guess is that putting in at 466 and taking out at 1117 would make a pleasant day trip.