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To join the Alamo City Rivermen:
please download, print and fill out the membership application, then mail it with the $15 dues payment to the address listed on the bottom of the application form. Thanks. See you on the river.


To join the meetup group:
You must be a member of the Alamo City Rivermen. Dues are $15 annually. A membership application is available on the link above. Once you have joined, the secretary will send you the code permitting you to join.



Annual Membership Dues:

When should I pay the annual dues?  
Between January 1 and March 1
How much is Annual Club Dues?  
Make check payable to:  
"Alamo City Rivermen"
Mail check to:  
Alamo City Rivermen
P.O. Box 171194
San Antonio, Texas, 78217-9998

The Membership Fee typically pays for the following:

1. Club expenses (Example: ACR Meetup is 150 dollars per year, Checking Account, PO Box etc.)
2. Community equipment for extended trips (Example: Wilderness Toilet System)
3. Money Donations for recognized River Conservation Organizations in Texas.     (Example: Texas River Protection Association)
4. Off set camping cost at Site Locations for Official ACR Events

Note: We do not accept PayPal or Credit Cards.