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Who We Are:
The Alamo City Rivermen is a canoe and kayak club in San Antonio, Texas. Our members include all age groups, all skill levels, and all types of paddling: flat-water, slow rivers, and whitewater. Some race and some even participate in the Texas Water Safari. We are fond of family friendly camping paddle trips, often sharing a communal Dutch oven meal. Cynics call us an eating club that paddles.


Come To A Meeting:home
We meet on the second Wednesday of each month at different restaurant venues in town. Please see the link to our new Meet-Up group for the latest location. All are welcome.

Why Join?
Do you want someone to run a shuttle with? Someone to paddle with? Someone from whom to find out about upcoming trips, paddling technique, and places to paddle? You're in the right place. Would you paddle more if you had someone like that? Join us.

Rivermen members can belong to our new Meetup Group. The Meetup group lets you facilitate offline group meetings to all club members and keeps you up to date with club activities. If you are a club member and are not in the Meetup group, please contact Ken Bennight. To be in the Meetup group, you must belong to the Alamo City Rivermen.
Please come and bring a friend!

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