Seidensticker Crossing, Guadalupe River
Kendall County, Texas

Access to the Guadalupe River at Seidensticker crossing has been a recurring problem for area paddlers.  Having finally internalized that the river is public and they cannot directly exclude people from it, area landowners have hit upon an indirect approach.  The next best thing to direct exclusion is to make access as painful as possible.  The landowners have inveigled the Kendall County Commissioner's Court to prohibit parking anywhere near the crossing.  That prevents paddling to or from the crossing unless you also wish to hike.

As noted on our "Parking Regulation" page, a county commissioner's court can prohibit parking if it finds that parking: (1) is dangerous to those using the road or property; or (2) will unduly interfere with: (A) the free movement of traffic; or (B) the necessary control or use of the property.  Dollars to doughnuts, the county commissioners did not rely upon a study or other formal way to find these facts.  Most likely they relied upon complaints by the landowners and parking problems are a pretext.

Here is a report prepared by Gib Hafernick.

Seidensticker Crossing is the first crossing shown after Comfort (Comfort being the town shown at the left edge of the map):

Photo of the walk down to the river from FM 473:

What a joy on a Texas summer day, but then, that's the whole idea isn't it?